Save Yourself From The Horrible Stomach Bug

Have you ever caught a stomach bug? I just had one terrible experience with it recently and it was really, really awful—all the vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and more. This horrible experience prompted me to write about this infamous gastrointestinal condition.

Being a very common illness, I believe that most of us have heard and known about stomach bugs. However, I don’t think that a lot of us actually know it in-depth. To help keep you from catching the tummy bug and going through the same terrible ordeal that I had gone through, I put together this simple fact sheet for you.

The Basics

First off, if you don’t know yet, the medical name of stomach bug is viral gastroenteritis. With that said, it is a virus-caused infection that affects the stomach and intestines. We can get the virus by coming in direct contact with an infected person or through the contaminated food and/or eating utensils.

When the virus enters our system, they attack our gastrointestinal tract and cause it to inflame; thus giving rise to symptoms such as stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. While these three are the most common manifestations of the infection, some people can also experience headache and low-grade fever.

Most of the time, it would take between 24 and 48 hours from the time of infection before an infected person begins to show symptoms of the disease. And usually, the infection lasts no longer than 3 days. And while you may think that a 3-day infection is not that bad, believe me, it is awfully horrible!

How To Avoid Getting It

Having gone through that punishing experience, I am now trying to be more careful. And here are the things I do to make sure that I don’t catch that awful virus ever again:

1.   Wash or disinfect my hands whenever I can—especially before eating anything.

2.   Refrigerate leftovers within two hours and throw them out by the end of the week.

3.   Clean surfaces well before preparing food on them.

4.   Keep raw foods and ready-to-eat foods in separate containers

5.   Thoroughly wash raw fruit and vegetables before eating.

6.   Cook and reheat foods thoroughly.

7.   Avoid eating raw/uncooked food from unfamiliar places.

I hope that my tips here will help keep you from getting sick with viral gastroenteritis. But if in case you do (God forbid!), here is what I did to cope and recover from it: (SEE THE VIDEO BELOW!)


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