How to Take an Idea to Tangible Product!

Rena Nicole and RENAissance WoMan Productions are excited to announce a new LIVE Web Event featuring Debra Atlas. Debra is a recognized thought leader and a transformative thinker. She is a  member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and is a successful environmental writer, professional blogger, speaker and radio personality. Debra pens a weekly newspaper column called Distinctly Green. Widely visible across the internet, she posts her articles to a number of well-respected sites including Sierra Club Green Home, Beamingsun and her own blog, Envirothink. Debra’s articles and programs focus on the newest eco-innovations and outside-the-box environmental solutions.

For the next few weeks, Rena will be hosting a LIVE webinar training series with Debra on a co-created project called Imagination to Innovation, which we hope will become available as an online course for anyone interested in taking an idea from imagination into a new environmentally-conscious innovation. Check out the description below to find out more, and register to experience the LIVE EVENT happening April 19th @ 9am PDT!

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