Creating Art From Reclaimed Materials

Did you know that creating art can be green? Yes, more and more people nowadays are turning what some may consider trash into compelling and creative works of art. And while some people may think that artwork made out of junk cannot possibly be beautiful enough for display, you should watch this episode of The Rena Nicole Show.

Our efforts to save our planet and live green need not be an entirely boring endeavor. By turning the common things we discard everyday into wonderful artwork, we are not only able to help diminish the amount of trash going into our landfill spaces; but we are also giving ourselves the chance to do something fun and rewarding.

To give you some ideas and inspiration, here are some of the most common materials we throw away and some suggestions on how to make art out of them:


glass photo


1. Glass Bottles
(credit to:
(Caption: Recycled lights made from wine bottles)




How To Make A Ceiling Lamp From Wine Bottles:

1. Clean and remove labels off the wine bottles.

2. Cut bottoms from the bottles, using a wet tile cutter or a Dremel.

3. Sand the bottom edges of the bottle.

4. Spray bottle exterior with Frosted Glass Finish.

5. Assemble your chosen light kit inside the bottle.

6. Set up the wirings and mount the lamp on your ceiling.

7. Add decorative touches as desired.


recycled wood clock


2. Wood

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(Caption: Recycled wood clock)



How To Make A Circular Clock From Reclaimed Wood

1. Find or make a circular pattern for your clock–either wood or plastic.

2. Gather your wood scraps and glue them on top of your pattern until it is covered fully.

3. Cut the scraps to follow the pattern using a jigsaw.

4. Let the glued pieces dry overnight.

5. Sand the wood edges and paint with the desired color/stain.

6. Get your clockworks and screw the clock hands on the front to the battery pack on the back.

7. Form little rectangular pieces of wood and attach them as numbers around the clock.




3. Paper

(credit to:

(Caption: Magazine Coasters)




How To Make Coasters Out of Old Magazines:

1. Using a paper cutter, cut strips from your magazine lengthwise that are 3 inches wide.

2. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and fold the the top and bottom half down into the middle.

3. Fully cover your magazine strip with glue and tightly curl the strip into a coil or swirl.

4.  Repeat with your next strip, and keep repeating until they are the size you want.

5. Once your magazine strips have been coiled up to the right size, apply a few more layers of your glue to make the coasters more solid.

6. Let them dry overnight.

7. Apply your chosen sealant.

Get into the art of recycling old junk–breathe new life into abandoned objects while adding beauty to your space.

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