Aphrodite’s Closet Shopping Tips

Consignment Store Shopping Tips

Since the onset of the recession, consignment stores have grown more and more popular. People have found these stores to be the great answer to high cost involved in having to keep up with the ever-changing styles and fashion trends. At these stores, items are made available to consumers at 95 percent below retail prices, and surely that’s a big deal for most people in this struggling economy. They also give shopping tips to their valuable customers.

But aside from the financial upside and your shopping tips, there’s also another reason why we all must love consignment stores–they help save the planet. Given that many of the items in these kinds of shop are pre-owned or second-hand, consignment shops offer customers a wonderful eco-friendly shopping experience. These stores lower the consumer impact of buying a new piece of clothing. You keep clothes from being thrown into landfills and help preserve our planet’s natural resources as used clothes do not require new materials and energy to manufacture.

And while it cannot be denied that shopping at consignment stores is a wonderful idea, it is not as easy as shopping at your typical retail stores. To help you have a positive experience in your future consignment store visit, I have some shopping tips to share with you:


1. Know what you need and what you can spend. Just like shopping elsewhere, it is important to visit a consignment store with a plan and a budget in mind–know what you are looking to buy and how much you are willing to spend for it. This will keep you from overspending or buying items that will have no use to you in the near future.

Always remember that just because something has a really low price does not mean that you have to buy it. Even though you are shopping at a consignment store, you still need to have a genuine need for something before actually buying it.


2. Be meticulous. Almost all consignment stores sell items as a final sale–no return, no exchange. So it is very important that you keep a keen eye when buying from them. Although store owners make an effort to see to it that all the items that goes in their store are in mint condition, they could miss one or two things at times.

Check everything for damages before making a purchase–look for stains, tears, holes, worn patches, missing buttons, faulty zippers or a stretched seam.


3. Always try things on. Do not just count on the dress size printed on the label; always take the time to try the items that you like on and see how they fit. You see, sizes vary widely between manufacturers, countries and even by eras. Also, the previous owners may have done some alterations with the garment so that what is marked as a size 10 may fit more like a size 8.


4. Know when to shop. Just like any normal clothing store, consignment shops run periodic specials. So if you want to catch the best deals, be sure to keep track of their sale schedules.

But if you are after the newest and best selections, the best days to visit the shops would be on Mondays (as people tend to clean out their closets during the weekend) and a few weeks after a change of season.  


5. Know where to shop. Typically, the neighborhood or location of a consignment store tells a lot about the kind of items that are for sale in it. High-end merchandise tend to be available in consignment shops located in fancy neighborhoods while trendy pieces are more likely to be seen in shops near a university or college.

I love consignment store shopping! It is is probably the only consumption that’s environmentally friendly. And one of my most favorite shops to visit for my shopping fix is Aphrodite’s Closet in Alameda. Believe me, it is no ordinary consignment store. Know more about shopping tips in the latest episode of The Rena Nicole Show: Consignment Clothing for Goddesses?

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